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Mount Millar windfarm on the Eyre peninsula, South Australia, at sunset On 8 February, South Australians had their air conditioners on full blast while sweltering through temperatures in excess of 46C in some parts of the state, and wind turbines had stopped turning just when energy demand was at its highest. The Australian Energy Market Operator chose not to bring online a standby gas generator and, thanks to an additional computer glitch at SA Power Networks, three times as many houses had their power cut than necessary a familiar plunge into darkness for the sweat-laced locals of a state that has had more than its fair share of energy problems in recent times. The head of BuddeComm , Paul Budde, however has another idea: talking to air conditioners. The telecommunications expert envisions an Internet of Things (IoT) integrated energy grid that provides live weather updates, monitors power shortfalls, predicts demand, and reacts accordingly even utilising smart meters to adjust an entire states air conditioners to reduce power consumption. What you need in these emergencies is a manageable system, not just a matter of switching power on and off to entire areas, but having all this in place you could manage air cons in peoples homes in such a way that it doesnt overload the network, he says. Steven Travers, the executive manager of IoT Cluster for Mining and Energy Resources, says there are pros and cons to smart grid capabilities such as this. Thats the other part of this equation how much data are we happy to give, he says. This essentially gives the power company access to your house, but the trade-off is youre not getting the power switched off. Travers, whose organisation receives funding from the South Australian government, notes that IoT technologies could have also have circumvented the human error involved in the Adelaide power cut by integrating with machine learning software that would react to weather data updated at 15-minute intervals. These are all off-the-shelf things that are ready to go, he says. He says rather than power companies waiting for a number of customers to call them to notify of a problem in an area and sending a car out to investigate, they could simply have sensor technology installed that would automatically flag any issues even for problems that havent happened yet. The interesting thing with transformers is they are so solid it could take three to four years for a fault to actually cause a problem, but a sensor could alert you of it immediately, he says.